The strategic role of IoT in business growth


September 15, 2020


Article on how IoT technology presents endless opportunities to modern businesses and can be leveraged to enhance business operations in various ways




NEDECO Electronics Ltd: New realities for remote working


September 1, 2020


ALE has upgraded its Rainbow communications platform to enhance the user experience and facilitate advanced interactions between larger groups of people




Rainbow - upadated version

NEDECO Electronics Ltd helped Epic transition to remote working


August 4, 2020


Read how NEDECO Electronic Ltd’s virtual phone assisted Epic’s call center staff to work from home


NEDECO Electronics Ltd_Alcatel-Lucent IP Desktop Softphone_Epic

Facebook Competition – Enter for your chance to win a Cockpit Wireless Home Automation System worth of 700 – Competition Terms


July 1, 2020


NEDECO Electronics Ltd gives you the opportunity to win a Cockpit Wireless Home Automation System worth of 700. Visit our Facebook profile and follow the steps.


Cockpit Competition 2020

Data protection while working remotely


June 9, 2020


An article on Data Safety While Working Remotely




The New Era in Telecommunications


May 17, 2020


An article on the evolution of Telecommunications over the years




NEDECO Electronics Ltd offers a new technological solution for absolute secure telephone conversations 


May 7, 2020


The new technological solution offered by NEDECO Electronics Ltd provides the possibility for secure communication, through the use of the specially manufactured mobile phones of CommuniTake (IntactPhones) or with the installation of the special software program Intact Communicator




An interview with Mr. Loukianos Raftis – InBusiness Magazine


April 2020


An interview with NEDECO’s Electronics Ltd CEO, Mr. Loukianos Raftis regarding Smart Home Automation Systems and how you can control your home with just a click on your mobile phone or tablet



Smart Homes are more environmental friendly than conventional homes


February 11, 2020


Smart Homes are more environmentally friendly than conventional homes, as its owners can monitor their energy consumption and thus change their energy consumption behavior.



NEDECO Electronics Ltd introduced Smart Home Technology to the Cyprus Electrical Contractors Association


January 25, 2020


The CEO of NEDECO Electronics Ltd. informed the members of the Cyprus Electrical Contractors Association the benefits of Smart Home technology, and introduced the Home Automation System Cockpit.


Smart Home Automation Presentation at SEHK

NEDECO Electronics Ltd introduces new generation Call Centers


October 17, 2019


Responding to its customers’ digital transformation efforts, NEDECO Electronics Ltd is constantly upgrading its product range to create new communication experiences. The recent installation of the contact center ‘Fidelity’ by NEDECO Electronics Ltd at Lordos Plastics headquarters in Limassol has enabled the company to offer its customers an upgraded service experience, more targeted and more quality.

NEDECO Electronics Ltd introduces Smart Home Automation Systems in Cyprus


October 8, 2019


NEDECO Electronics Ltd introduces Cockpit, an innovative Home Automation System, offering the Cypriot public a different way of living. Smarter and more functional.



Terms and Conditions for NEDECO Electronics Ltd Competition


October 4, 2019


During the Ideal Home Competition NEDECO Electronics Ltd will perform a competition. Lucky winner will receive a Cockpit Home Automation System worth of 500euro.




NEDECO Electronics Ltd successfully organized a blood donation activity in support of the local blood bank


September 17, 2019


Demonstrating its sensitivity to social issues, NEDECO Electronics Ltd organized a blood donation activity on Friday, September 13, 2019. NEDECO Electronics Ltd.’s management and staff participated in the blood donation, while a number of associates joined in, supporting NEDECO Electronics Ltd.’s efforts to help those in need, as well as to raise the awareness of the voluntary donations of Cypriot citizens.



Smart Machines Evolution


August 1, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big revolution that has already emarged from the Internet and is taking its first steps around the world.



Interview with Loukianos Raftis, General Manager of NEDECO Electronics Ltd regarding Smart Home Automation


July 19, 2019


During Mr. Raftis interview at the TV Show “Ενημέρωση Τώρα” at OMEGA TV Station, they discussed about Smart Home Automation Technology, its advantages and how easy and affordable it is to Automate your Home.


Contact Centers for Generation Z


July 30, 2019


The term ‘customer experience’ is widely used by organizations and companies that examine or implement solutions that include the operation of Contact Centers. Every organization has to evaluate the experience of its customers by identifying areas where their expectations are or are not being met, in order to remain competitive, especially in today’s digital G Generation.


Contact_Centers_Generation _Z_Logo

NEDECO Electronics Ltd has upgraded Cyta’s Contact Center


July 4, 2019


In order to create a new and improved communication experience for Cyta’s staff and consumers, NEDECO Electronics Ltd has successfully expand the Organization’s internal and external communication channels.



Digital Prosperity


July 2, 2019


The key to keeping a company competitive is the adoption of new technologies and the digital maturity of its workforce.


Smart Technology penetrates the Business world


June 9, 2019


As the world enters a new era of technology Smart Technology is being implemented in businesses offering a variety of benefits to an organization. The utilization of Smart Technology helps to maintain a safe and secure environment, improve energy efficiency and optimize processes.



Digital Transformation is critical for Business Development


May 30, 2019


“Digital transformation” is a term we hear a lot these days. It’s no longer a trend that would be good for organizations to consider adopting. It’s now a requirement for businesses that want to thrive competitively in the market. Now that most businesses understand what digital transformation is and why it’s needed, we’re moving into a time when many are beginning to innovate and drive change at their organizations.



NEDECO Electronics Ltd invests in Smart Technologies


May 10, 2019


On the 8th of May, NEDECO Electronics Ltd celebrated thirty years since its foundation. during a special night in the presence of associates, staff and friends.



Smart Homes are also becoming a reality in Cyprus


May 6, 2019


More and more homeowners change the way they perceive their everyday life and explore the Smart Home Solutions that are available in the market. Cockpit is a smart and simple system that enables consumers to control their home from anywhere in the world, using one intuitive application on your smartphone.


Smart Home Automation_Man_with_mobile_outdoors_controlling_house

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