For powerful and cost-effective
audio and video digital communications

no upfront investment | low monthly rental rate

With our ALL-IN-ONE Business Telephony Service
you and your team can make unlimited use of

  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Document sharing
  • Voicemail

wherever you are and around the world.

NEDECO Electronics’ Ltd ALL-IN-ONE Business Telephony Service is based on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s OXO Connect Evolution IP Telephone System using tested and validated phone-to-cloud technology.

The 100% IP scalable telephone system is designed to grow with your company, to include up to 300 telephone numbers.

Given the rapid development of technology, choosing a rental service based on advanced systems that can be upgraded and updated at any time is the most flexible, reliable and affordable telecommunication solution for any cost-conscious small or medium-sized business.


The benefits are clear

  • No upfront investment in a system of your own
  • Flat rental rate, depending on the volume of users and chosen equipment
  • Equipment can be adapted to your changing needs at any point in time
  • Access to the latest technology at all times to optimize your communication and business performance
  • Encrypted communication for data security
  • No hassle with obsolete hardware or expensive upgrades
  • Quick response after sales support

All this at a monthly rental rate that is only a fraction of the cost of purchasing your own system, so even the smallest company can benefit from the greatest communication.