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Being a Ready Business means constantly looking for new tools to modernize your business and stay competitive. With innovative IoT (Internet of Things) services, your machines, appliances and devices can now communicate with one another and transmit information without human intervention, giving you the solutions and flexibility you need. This enables you to provide high quality products and services to your customers while reducing unnecessary costs and ensuring maximum productivity.


Fleet Control

With Fleet Control you can manage your business’s vehicles with flexibility and greater efficiency, since you know at any given moment what their location is and what stage their pick-ups or deliveries are at. Get total control of your vehicles so you can offer our customers better service while reducing unnecessary costs. IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming the mainstay of transport operations where driver and vehicle monitoring is essential to maintain competitive advantage and safety. The service utilises Vodafone’s Global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform. The Telematics tracking device sends event reports to the customer via SMS, e-mail and pop-up signals. Driver behavior can also be monitored to encourage safer and more efficient driving and reduce insurance premiums. Finally positioning and movement status of all vehicles in real time as well as statistical reports.

IoT Fleet Control benefits:

• Reduced distribution costs and increased productivity

• Offering better and faster customer service

• Increased safety of vehicles and their goods

• National and international coverage


Asset Control

Providing customer solutions products even if things go wrong. Because with IoT Cooler Control can monitor your business’s chillers or freezers and check their position and operation, wherever you are. In this way, you ensure that your chillers and goods are safe, while also safeguarding the quality of your products. The service utilises Vodafone’s Global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform.

IoT Cooler Control benefits

• Guaranteed quality of products and increased sales

• Minimized maintenance costs and idle time

• Reduced risk of theft or loss of assets (chillers and freezers)

• Inventory updates

• Simplicity, since it requires no software development by the customer or communication with multiple suppliers

• A global SIM that operates on all networks (Support for both local and multinational companies with a presence in any country worldwide).

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