At NEDECO Electronics Ltd via our partner CommuniTake, we can build mobile solutions to guarantee superior security for both organizations and individuals.

Our purpose-built mobile devices, heavily-secured operating system, and mobile security apps are geared towards wide-ranging mobile-first operations while dramatically improving the security level of connected devices.

Our solutions are suitable for security-minded organizations that wish to deploy the highest-security over their mobile communications and data, and completely eliminate cyber-attack threats as well as individuals who want to avoid the risk of their mobile phones to be exposed of a cyberattack.

Our solutions can meet the unique mobile security challenges of industries such as below:

1. MILITARY & HLS AGENCIES: Protect your mission critical operation and ensure the privacy of your personnel.

2. GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS: Avoid compromised decision and execution processes of state related actions.

3. UTILITY SECTORS: Ensure seamless operations within a contained communications environment.

4. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Protect your secretive information from cybercriminals.

5. HEALTHCARE SECTOR: Safely exchange sensitive medical information protected against unauthorized users.

6. LEGAL FIRMS: Deploy confidentiality, and productivity essential to your success

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