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Mobile technology has rapidly entered the workplace, meaning employees enjoy more flexibility to work on the move. However, for many enterprises, the uptake of mobile working has been almost entirely spontaneous and unsystematic.

NEDECO Electronics Ltd ensure that mobile technologies have a positive impact on business performance by helping you adopt an effective mobile strategy: supporting users, building networks and maintaining mobile security. The benefits? More productive employees, improved operational efficiency and greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Mobility Solution portfolio includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Dect Handsets

Making on-site mobility an affordable option in all business environments.

Keep your mobile employees connected wherever they are on your premises. DECT handsets running on base stations positioned around your campus let workers make and receive calls anywhere. A range of advanced features such as alarms, location detection, ruggedization and ingress protection are available for different industries and requirements.

WLAN Handsets

Increase staff mobility: leverage your existing wireless LAN to deploy voice communications over WLAN Wi-Fi handsets.

For a premium mobile voice solution on your company’s premises, simply take your existing WLAN network – and add handsets. Wireless LAN Handsets provide a convenient and practical solution for on-site mobile communications in any business environment. Featuring excellent voice quality, a durable design and advanced features.


For remote or mobile employees who are not always in a physical office, but need the functionality of a phone connected to a corporate network, a softphone application is the perfect solution.

Softphone is a software application with an interface just like a business phone. The app can be installed in minutes on a computer (PC or Mac), tablet or smartphone (running iOS or Android). Just connect to the internet and you’ll be able to make and receive phone calls as if you’re part of the corporate telephony network.

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