Voice Recoder System NEDECO


Call logging and Voice Recording is more demanding nowadays as e-commerce, e-banking and other decisions and orders are taking place in the B2C and B2B market as well.

Our telephone systems and solutions provide detailed reporting about the call history, logging. As, in most cases, call reporting is not enough, voice recording solution is proposed as the absolute evidence of truth.

Monitor, record and evaluate all employee-customer interactions with call recording, screen capture and real-time listening tools.

For contact centers and enterprises in industries that require legal and regulatory compliance, it’s critical to record your transactions and interactions in order to demonstrate transparency.

Our solution is a web-based tool that does all that and more, enabling you to record, monitor and evaluate employee-customer interactions. This is particularly important in financial services, utilities, healthcare, education, hospitality and public safety organizations.

By integrating call recording and monitoring directly into your existing telephony infrastructure, the system provides a scalable, modular and affordable toolset. In addition, supervisors can review recorded calls with agents and use the integrated Quality Monitor module to assess agent performance.

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