Support Services

Maintain your business continuity with 24/7 support services to sustain your operation and production with NEDECO’s Electronic Ltd solutions.

Your employees expect high availability and sufficient capacity for their communication and application needs. To ensure investments in network and communications solutions are complete, support services must be considered. Support will enable you to benefit from our experience to quickly solve issues to maintain that availability and capacity.

We will provide you 24/7 access to NEDECO’s Electronic Ltd Technical Support with remote diagnostics by phone and online. You will get access to firmware updates, important documentation and our knowledge base. In addition, we will exchange faulty equipment for working ones be it under warranty, be it under a service contract.


  • Benefit from adapted services depending on your profile: as a business partner or as an end-customer – we support you all the time
  • Access hardware and software support for your communications and network solutions.
  • Get replacement of faulty hardware and get assistance via remote diagnosis
  • Entitle your IT personnel to contact NEDECO Electronic Ltd directly and offer them 24/7 access to NEDECO’s Electronic Ltd Technical support with possibility to submit service issues, access NEDECO’s Electronic Ltd support portal for documentation, firmware and known issues solutions.

Customer Benefits

Full Support for your Network Infrastructure

NEDECO Electronic Ltd commits to deliver the best support possible to get your network infrastructure up to speed 24/7 for any product delivered by us.

Get 24/7 Support

To assure fair and committed support, NEDECO Electronic Ltd assigns each issue a 4 severity levels from critical to low.

Thanks to this severity levels, we can deliver you support within the next 2 hours after your request for the most critical issues.
Benefit from support services for communications
We tailor our support offer based on your challenges and needs. For your communications solutions, we can deliver hardware, software and third-party support services, all this depending on urgency of your issue.

Depending on your communication environment, we narrow down our services by delivering:

  • Assistance in installation and maintenance of the products
  • Migration path for switch to new generation of products
  • Standard Hardware support services that is made of Return-To-Factory, Advanced Replacement, On Demand Repair and Dead on Arrival services, that ensures you have a satisfying quality of our products
  • Flexible models that enable extension of warranties


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