Nedeco Electronics LTD has longstanding experience in providing complete professional pre-sales, implementation, technical support and after-sales customer services. Technical support is a vital and essential process within the company and is realized through our resources. Our goal is to improve the competitiveness and business efficiency of our customers.

Compatibility is essential when implementing new systems, so that improves systems and business efficiency and delivers customized solutions, full-scale consulting services are available to customers according to their requirements and needs.

Installation and Implementation Services

– Implementation planning.
– Detailed logical and physical network design.
– System deployment and network rollouts.
– Equipment installation and customization.
– Commissioning and testing.

Integration Services

– Application and enterprise systems integration
– Contact centre infrastructure
– Disaster recovery services
– IP network integration
– Security infrastructure

Support and Maintenance Services

– Repair & replacement
– Remote troubleshooting
– Preventive maintenance
– On-site maintenance
– 24 hours helpdesk
– Complete post-guarantee support services
– Emergency handling

Alcatel-Lucent Software Support Services

– Software Maintenance Services (SMS)
– Technical assistance by the manufacturer to the Business Partner’s Certified Expert.
– Problem diagnosis and software updates to correct known problems (through dynamic patches and software releases) with associated documentation.

Software Evolution Services (SES)

– Access on demand to all major and minor software updates to maintain software applications in the latest version.
– Coverage for Alcatel-Lucent enterprise applications installed.

Benefits for the end customer include:

– Assurance of technical support needed to secure the operation of business-critical communications infrastructure and advanced applications
– Predictable operating expenses, with costs related to software maintenance and updates integrated in the solution’s maintenance costs, avoiding capital expenses.
– Flexibility in meeting business challenges, through access to the latest software available for the continuously evolving Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX platforms and applications.
– Receive a guaranteed level of service from Alcatel-Lucent, with access through the Business Partner’s Certified Expert.

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