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We offer Home Automation Systems in Cyprus allowing you to save money and energy. Smart House Automation helps you control your home remotely.

NEDECO Electronics Ltd is a born in Cyprus Company, founded in 1989 by Neophytos Demetriou upon the liberalization of the telecommunication market by CYTA. The Company started with providing a full range of telecommunication equipment and networks including telephone systems of various sizes, data transmission equipment and network equipment, as well as high-tech terminals that allow access to public services or private networks.

Since 1989, NEDECO Electronics Ltd is the sole authorized importer and reseller of network and telecommunications equipment of the French company ALCATEL-LUCENT Enterprise for the Cyprus market. ALCATEL-LUCENT Enterprise heritage of innovation and dedication to customer success has made NEDECO Electronics Ltd an essential provider of enterprise networking, communications and services.

Throughout the years NEDECO Electronics Ltd has diversified its portfolio of services and in addition to telecommunications solutions, offers a variety of other solutions. Collaborating with organizations such as GENESYS and NICE provides Call Center solutions, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Voice Recorders solutions etc. At the same time, NEDECO Electronics Ltd entered the Internet of Things (IoT) market and in collaboration with Vodafone Innovus S.A., a Vodafone Global company offers fleet and cooler control management solutions for vehicles and chillers or freezers.

Today, NEDECO Electronics Ltd. added to its partners’ portfolio Goap d.o.o (Cockpit), offering the world’s most advanced application for managing your smart home based on IoT – the internet of thing, which allows clever, cost-effective and efficient management to all household appliances; from dimming and turning lights on and off, lowering the shutters to the desired height, air conditioning & multimedia systems control and defining automatic scenarios such as general shutdown of all electrical devices in a single click. System operation is performed using a variety of tablets and smartphones, so all your options are unlimited.


Our mission is to deliver to our customers unequalled service support, based on the International Quality Standards of ISO 9000 and the continuous support from our suppliers. Having the quality superiority as an objective, we provide the most advanced solutions in telecommunication & IP networking and IoT using the latest technology to successfully fulfill the requirements of our customers.


Our Vision is to remain leaders in our market sector, serving the largest and most demanding Organizations in Cyprus offering quality products and solutions, with excellent support and service that allow the best value to the client’s investment.


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  • " I have been working with NEDECO Electronics Ltd for more than 15 years now and I have always been satisfied with the solutions they provided me through the years as well as their excellent service. Great job – great people!"

    Andreas P. Paraskeva
    Managing Director, ANAKYKLOS TEXTILES LTD
  • “Thank you NEDECO Electronics Ltd Technical Team for responding so quickly, knowledgeably and effectively to our queries throughout the years. Excellent and immediate support."

    Andreas Chrysafis
    Manager, Goldman Solutions & Services
  • "Great company to deal with. Very professional and responsive. We have forged a winning partnership with satisfying results"

    Thomas Asproudis
    Managing Director, M2Intelligence Ltd
  • Cyta has a long standing relationship with NEDECO Electronics Ltd. We have been cooperating with them for the last 30 years on a number of projects, the supply and support of Cyta’s iSPBX System being a recent example. NEDECO Electronics Ltd have always kept up with our expectations on quality of service and support, and professionalism, therefore we highly recommend them"

    Costas Psillides
    Manager, Networks and Service Delivery Platforms, CYTA
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