What is a Smart Home?

In short… it’s a whole new way of living. And it’s come to Cyprus to change our life much like the internet and smart phones changed our lives faster and more powerfully than we ever thought they would. The term ‘Smart Home’ refers to a convenient home automation set up that will allow you to remotely control appliances, plugs, shades, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, entertainment, security systems and other home technologies, any time, from anywhere in the world, directly from your smart phone or tablet.

How does this Help me?

When you’re not at home, nagging doubts can cause real stress. Is the security system on? Did I switch off the coffee maker? Are the children doing homework or are they watching TV? With Smart Home Automation System, you can put your mind at ease and make your home work for you, by controlling almost any electrical appliance from wherever you are.
By automating appliances that were already designed to make your life easier, you organize yourself and your routine the way you see fit and enjoy a smooth flow in your home life, down to every single detail.
  • Wake up with the blinds gently opening all by themselves, the coffee maker turning on to your preference setting, the water already set to the temperature you like and ambient music playing in the background.
  • Open the guarded entrance for the pool boy, water the plants and check the cameras and security alarm while you’re on holidays.
  • Switch on the porch light and open the garage door before you get home from work while making sure the entire house is already warm and cozy when you walk in!

Key Benefits


Regulating your electrical devices significantly reduces your energy consumption.


Personalized automation to perfectly suit your everyday routine.


Monitor your home at any time and from any location.


Create the most comfortable, practical and economical decisions with you and for you.

Why choose NEDECO Smart Home?

Smart Home Automation Systems need to cater to your exact needs. And choosing the right one is an important decision. NEDECO Smart Home is an intuitive yet simple system that will transform your space into a Smart Home through a user-friendly state-of-the-art app which you can use from the car, the office or even on holiday. Its wireless technology means that you can automate all devices without ever worrying about messy cables.

  • NEDECO Smart Home is not invasive and easy to install
  • It gives you the freedom to network anywhere and has no hidden costs
  • You can add more devices anytime because it is so flexible
  • It is completely secure as it uses the same encryption as online banking

How does it work?

Just give us a call and let us know a few details about your home and your expectations, and we will do the rest. Our technicians will come to your home and set up a central system, while installing sensors, detectors and smart plugs on the devices you wish to control.

NEDECO Smart Home smartens up your house with Z-Wave automation. This is the leading wireless home control technology in the market today setting the standard for smart living worldwide. It is a radio frequency control protocol designed to let devices and sensor-enabled objects talk and respond to each other, at a price that everyone can afford.

Easy to Install

no rewiring


all the biggest brands use Z-Wave


over 70 million products on the market


minimal investment


10+ years on the market


products can work together

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